Training and certification
Get started with HeySmile clear aligners

HeySmile training and certification

Become a clear aligner expert with HeySmile’s training and certification courses, webinars and one-on-one demos. Whether you are new to clear aligners or already have some experience, HeySmile can help you take your dental practice to the next level.

Level 1

Get started with clear aligners using HeySmile. Get to know our seamless digital workflow and learn how to choose the best treatment plan for your patient.


Level 2

Gain a more in-depth understanding of clear aligners, treatable conditions, and eligibility to start treating patients.


Online and in person

Level 3

Keep up to speed with the latest technology and materials with the help of our webinars and courses.


Online and in person

HeySmile on demand training

On-demand training

Looking for a custom training experience for your practice? We also offer one-to-one training and demonstrations for a more personalised look at working with HeySmile. Ask us for more!

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